Ilhan Omar HUMILIATED by Trump Supporter

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is facing a firestorm of new allegations.

She was once viewed as one of the Democrat’s “rising stars” and is a proud member of the all-female Congress freshman collective known as “The Squad”.

But recent allegations have recently cast a dark cloud over Omar…. Allegations that are both shocking and disturbing.

Let's put aside the fact that she is pushing a disgusting socialist agenda onto American…

Her comments about the 9/11 attacks were shameful… many consider them to even be traitorous.

But recent evidence from Glenn Beck is absolutely HUMILIATING.

Evidence that Omar married her brother.

House of Representatives staff members received a package containing 25 Gold Plated Trump Coins and a note on which it was written “AMERICA WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY!”.

While the identity of the sender has not been revealed, it is clear that Omar did not enjoy her gift.

Of course, such a gift would trigger any socialist!

Since introduced in 1831, these Dollar coins have been a symbol of American capitalism and on top of that, the front side features a gold-plated President Trump.

These gold-plated coins have been in great demand recently but if Democrats like Omar are successful, you won’t be able to find these coins anymore...

Coin collectors say that such an unprecedented move would make the price of the coins go up at least 400%!

In the meantime, Patriotic Americans can still claim one here.

These coins have understandably been in HUGE demand from patriotic Americans recently, and some coin collectors have even said that there’s a possibility the value of these coins could rise by up to 400%.

However, if the Democrats get their way, they’ll be out of circulation before we know it.

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