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Case Holders for AirPods Cases

Introducing Case Bands— the ultimate solution for AirPods lovers on-the-go! Our Bands mount charging cases to belts, seat belts, backpacks, gym bags, handbags straps and more! Providing quick and easy access. No more fumbling through your pocket or bag, or worrying about losing your case! With our Bands, your AirPods are always within reach and in style.

Easy Access




Never Misplace Your AirPods Again!

A Sustainable Solution

At Nio Bands, we believe in making a difference in the world by promoting sustainable solutions. Our MagSafe® Charger Stands are not only practical and convenient, but they also reduce waste compared to other options. By using our 3D printed stands, you're helping to promote a commitment to sustainability and reducing the tech world’s carbon footprint. Join us in our mission to make the world a cleaner and greener place, one MagBuoy at a time.

Next Up…

For MagSafe®

Stand & Charge new iPhones

Simply connect your iPhone 12 or newer to your MagSafe charger through MagBuoy to stand your phone then plug into your computer or an outlet to charge at the same time! It's great for Texting, FaceTime, Safari browsing, playing mobile games and more!

Buoyant-Like Stability

When connected to a MagSafe® Charger, MagBuoy will keep your iPhone stable to the touch. The wide base keeps your phone balanced on uneven surfaces with buoyant-like stability. It adapts to different environments from your desk to your chest or pillow!

Hands-Free FaceTime

Our product is more than a portable charger stand. It makes your phone ready for hands-free FaceTime or rear camera food pics at a moments notice.

Effortless Typing or Texting

MagBuoy can be used to help you write on your phone while seated at a table or with a pillow on your lap! Since it’s not suspended in the air like with other MagSafe stands, you can rest both hands on your surface of choice for truly effortless typing.
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    MagBuoy with MagBag


Scaling The Business

Nio Bands, LLC has more unique and original tech accessories on the way! MagBuoy is next up which is a portable MagSafe Charger stand and works as a stand adapter with PopSockets products.

The third product to be released will be a briefcase and mobile lap desk called G-BOAT— the Greatest Briefcase Of All Time. We’ll have special edition MagBuoys with every G-BOAT just because they pair so well together.

Get To Know Me

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m Nehemiah Marcus the creator of Case Bands, Nio Bands, MagBuoy and G-BOAT. The briefcase lapdesk was my very first invention created back in 2013. Nio Bands are interchangeable wristbands that were created in the Spring of 2014 using leather material and metal snap buttons.

I’m originally from Xenia, Ohio and in the Fall of 2014 I relocated to Los Angeles, California. In 2019, I found out how Nio Bands work with AirPods after using silicone wristbands with leather labels and plastic snaps. Now that they’re all silicone & plastic, they’ve come full circle around AirPods cases and the rest is soon to come!

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