"An Easy-To-Do Method For
Portion Control”

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How To Eat Proportional To Your Individual Size

Finding The Right Size For Me

People often find it difficult to do something that at first glance seems quite simple— setting up their dinner plate. To easily figure out how much is right for me and my individual size I start thinking, “watch face & hands” to figure out the right portion size. Now bear with me, I know you’re thinking, “What do you mean by watch face & hands?” Allow me to explain...
Making Sure Your Meals Are Well Balanced Is Key

Adding The Food Groups

We’ll begin by addressing the “hands” part of the phrase. You’ll want to add about two portions of vegetables to your plate both of which are about equal to the size of your balled-up fist. That ensures that you get plenty of colorful, natural, life-based leafy greens.

Next, we always add some sort of starchy goodness like corn on tho cob, potatoes or rice. You can go ahead and add one fist-sized portion of that.
Choose The Right Ensemble Of Nutrients For More Energy
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