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Get To Know Nio

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m Nehemiah Marcus the inventor of Nio Bands, Popadapter® and others to come. My very first invention was the briefcase lap desk in 2013. Nio Bands, the interchangeable wristbands, were created in the Spring of 2014 using leather material connected via metal snap buttons.

I’m originally from Xenia, Ohio and in the Fall of 2014 I relocated to Los Angeles, California. In 2019, I first discovered how Nio Bands work with AirPods after using silicone wristbands with leather labels and plastic snap buttons. Now that they’re all silicone with plastic snaps, they’ve come full circle and the rest is history.

Ready For More From Nio?

Nio Bands use AirPods cases to harness the natural effect of acupressure on the P6 (or Nei-Kuan) point on each wrist. Nio Bands with AirPods cases worn on the inside of the wrist can benefit persons suffering with nausea from:

Motion Sickness - Pregnancy - Chemotherapy - Post Operation