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We are a Digital Marketing Agency focused on providing leads, qualified appointments and sales for companies across America! We specialize in putting you in front of the right audiences, in the right way, and generating a healthy ROI for your business delivered in real time.

We've Got You Covered

We have Facebook Ad specialists waiting to work on your fresh lead pack!

New Website

To maximize the efficacy of our cutting-edge Facebook lead generation strategies, ensuring the presence of a modern website is imperative. A dedicated platform for hosting engaging content aids in pinpointing your most receptive audience, fostering trust, and encouraging deeper engagement.


Our extensive testing has honed in on the most effective media types and formats for optimal conversions. We may require brief video captures, which we'll professionally edit to the correct aspect ratio and duration. This guarantees extensive placements and maximum audience outreach for your Facebook ads.

Paid Media

Experience the power of our data-driven funnel strategy, covering initial placements and re-targeting. With up to three monthly campaigns, each iteration is finely tuned, exclusively targeting the most engaged prospects. Ensure your Facebook ads thrive with our strategic approach.


Experience our cutting-edge tools alerting you in real-time when a Facebook Lead becomes an appointment. We seamlessly automate the information to your team's Google Sheets and Calendar. Swift initial contact is paramount, which is why we implement cutting-edge email & SMS engagement and replies to get appointments booked.

Fresh Leads Are Foundational

Getting you leads is only step one. With a focus on servicing water purification companies, we can generate leads, deliver the information to your business in real time while automatically nurturing them to book an appointment with you without you having to life a finger.

Our AI systems can make the fastest and most reliable first contact, detecting whether responses are positive or negative and even bridge calls between you and interested leads. Our cutting edge technology provides the ultimate keys to success and time freedom.

Who Am I?

I am Nehemiah Marcus, your dedicated partner at Nio Bands Agency and PureWater Marketing. I provide comprehensive expertise in Media Creation, Campaign Management, Audience Retargeting, Lead Delivery, Auto-Appointment Scheduling, reputation management & reviews.

I excel in the development and execution of precisely tailored marketing strategies designed to engage audiences, rekindle the interest of the most promising prospects, qualify and convert leads into booked appointments, all while propelling your business towards success over your competitors.

My ultimate objective? To furnish you with a continuous stream of booked appointments, promptly delivered in real-time, while liberating your enterprise from the burdensome costs of your current marketing efforts. If this aligns with your aspirations, I invite you to initiate a conversation with me to explore the possibilities.

Ready For a New Leads Source?
We'll Make It Happen Together!

Our team is eager to craft your lead-generating campaigns.

Click below to learn the strategy as it applies to an example Life Insurance company. From there, schedule a chat with a Facebook Ads Expert, explore ideas, and grasp the process applied to your business. For any other queries, feel free to contact nmarcus@niobands.com. We'll be in touch promptly to address your questions and kickstart your lead acquisition journey.
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